+91 84128 77333 | Aahires ENT Superspecialty Centre Above Hdfc Bank, Rathchakra Chowk, Indira Nagar Nashik - 422009 | drsudarshenaahire@gmail.com
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Aahire's ENT Superspeciality Center

NIMS Hospital

Aahire's ENT Superspeciality Center - Best ENT Clinic in Nashik

Aahire’s ENT Superspeciality Clinic seems to be the most recommended ENT Clinic which is located near Indira Nagar in Nashik city. This super-specialty center provides quality ENT services round the clock and our ENT department is fully equipped to meet all the routine and emergency work. Best ENT Clinic in Nashik believes in providing high-quality and advanced treatment for all Ear, Nose, and Throat related disorders and diseases.

Whether you have any breathing issues, speech issues, allergies, sinuses, head, and neck cancer, or any other thing related to Ear, Nose, and Throat, our ENT specialist in Nashik, Dr. Sudarshen Aahire at Aahire’s Superspeciality Center can help you feel better.

Dr. Sudarshen Aahire is a young, talented, and vibrant ENT Specialist in Nashik with 12 years of experience. Apart from routine ENT care and surgeries he specializes in the management of Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea surgeries, Endoscopic skull base surgeries, voice-related disorders, and voice surgeries, airway and swallowing disorders.

Our ENT Services

Our Service

At Aahire’s ENT Superspeciality Centre which is the best ENT Clinic in Nashik, we perform here an entire range of diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures under one roof.

Best ENT clinic in nashik

Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion, or a ‘stuffy’, ‘blocked’ or ‘bunged up’ nose, is one of the most common conditions often associated with colds, allergies or sinus problems.

Best ENT clinic in nashik


Tinnitus describes the condition when patients hear noises in their ears or their heads. Usually this noise is masked by environmental sounds.

Best ENT doctor in Nashik

What are Grommets

Grommets are not a cure for glue ear. But they can clear the fluid inside your child’s ears and improve their hearing until they grow out of it.

Best ENT doctor in Nashik

Care of Professional Voice

The high vocal requirements of the professional voice user can develop into voice disorders that require specialist equipment for diagnosis.

Best ENT doctor in Nashik

Head and Neck Cancer

Cancers that begin in the head or neck usually spread to lymph nodes in the neck before they spread elsewhere.

Best ENT doctor in Nashik

Snoring and sleep disorders

Snoring is a common condition that can affect anyone, although it occurs more frequently in men and people who are overweight.

Our Achievements

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Why Aahire's ENT Superspeciality Center

At Aahire’s ENT Superspeciality Center we offer special services in addition to standard ENT treatment.

Well Experience Doctors

We have well qualified and experienced doctors and other staff.

High Technology Facilities

Our clinic is well equipped for diagnostics and treatments.


Clinic staff and the environment is more comfortable.

What Our Patients Say

Good experience,, doctor explained in detail about the issue. Proper guidance and knowledge shared.

Amit Jadhav

very happy and satisfied with the consultation. Doctor explained the issue and also various ways to get relieved from the issue.

Rahul Sanap

His patience level is extreme and he is very caring too. Pretty much satified with the consultation.Thank you so much Doctor.

Rajiv Satve