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Surgical And Non surgical management

Surgical management of snoring

Surgical solutions to snoring, if appropriate will need to be tailored to each individual patients problem. This judgement will need to be made following a detailed consultation and sometimes with the help of further investigations.

Below are some of the broad options for the surgical treatment of snoring

Surgery to the nose
Surgery to the soft palate / Throat
Surgery to the base of tongue
We would be happy to discuss this further with you following an assessment.

Snoring Doctor in Nashik

Non surgical management

For more severe forms of sleep apnea where surgery is inappropriate continuous positive airway pressure may be tried: Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) CPAP is a device that includes a mask that fits snugly over your nose and mouth and is held in place with head straps. The mask is connected to a blower that generates pressurized air. You wear it while sleeping. The controlled pressure works as an air splint to keep the soft tissue of the nose and throat in place and the airway open. This noninvasive therapy works for MANY people with sleep apnea
Snoring Doctor in Nashik